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Tonia Apa

Property Management Team

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Tonia first worked for Glen and Salt property group 12 years ago. Tonia initially joined forces with Glen as a Residential property manager after returning to the workforce from having her first son.

Since moving on from a career in residential property management in 2014, Tonia has acquired a significant amount of knowledge and experience across the fields within the Commercial, Strata and Construction industries.

In addition, Tonia ventured into studying for a Bachelor's degree in Psychological Science and Counseling at ECU university and completed an advanced diploma of Conveyancing.

After giving birth to her adorable boy/girl twins, 2022 Christmas night.....she eagerly re-entered the property industry workforce.

Tonia naturally migrated back to Salt which landed her the opportunity to proudly become Salts new Strata Manager.

“I thrive on making a genuine impact to my clients experience of having their Investment managed well. My priority is to ensure that my clients are able to feel at ease knowing that I have their best interests taken care of at all times.”