SALT provides superior residential tenant advocacy services that allow the corporate sector to outsource the procurement – and management – of housing for staff who are settling in Western Australia during a period of extremely low rental vacancy rates.

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Our end-to-end, value-adding service encompasses (but it is not limited to):

  • Searching for suitable properties.
  • Lease negotiations and signing.
  • Ensuring rental payments are made on time.
  • Managing tenant-required property maintenance.
  • Arranging approved property modifications.
  • Managing exit cleaning.
  • Securing a new tenant, should the property be vacated early.


Securing rental homes in Perth has become increasingly difficult and competitive, creating untold stress for corporations needing accommodation for new team members arriving in WA.

As a full-service agency with extensive experience working with large corporations, local government, commercial leasing arrangements and residential property management, SALT’s knowledge of the property sector is deep.

This places us in an enhanced position to expertly source and manage rental homes for companies and their team members.

  • Processes that fast-track property procurement.
  • Expertise & systems that deliver cost efficiencies.
  • Outsourcing to experts frees up internal staff.
  • Improved governance & compliance.
  • Limits a company’s exposure to rental vacancies.

How It Works

  • 1 We obtain a detailed brief regarding the type of property to be sourced and the required timing.
  • 2 SALT is given authority to fill the brief.
  • 3 A trust is set up for expenses to be paid out of.
  • 4 Our experts begin searching for a suitable property, ready to negotiate and sign a lease, as well as provide comparative market advice and rental evidence.
  • 5 Once a rental home is secured, SALT’s team manages it on behalf of the tenant (the company) and advocates for them. We also ensure compliance with the WA Residential Tenancies Act.
  • 6 At the end of a lease, we manage your team member’s smooth exit.
  • 7 If a lease needs to be broken, SALT secures a new tenant.

SALT Property Group charges a fixed leasing and management fee for this customised property service.

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