#Trending Outdoors in 2019: Best Styles for Your Outdoor Living Area

The inside of your home isn’t everything. Sure, it’s a huge selling point but it isn’t what people will first notice first. Curb appeal is a big attraction to people driving past a house for sale, and so, we will look into some ideas to improve curb appeal. Next we will go through a few trends and see what’s hot in outdoor decorating this year so you can make the most of your outdoor entertainment areas and your front yard.

Curb Appeal
Before we look into trends you need to be aware of curb appeal. As stated earlier, curb appeal is a big attraction. This post will mostly cover your outdoor entertainment areas which are normally in your back yard, but if you don’t have a back yard then feel free to apply these tips to your front yard setting if applicable. If you do have a front yard it will be a good idea to have colour. Colour could be what makes your house stand out from the other houses for sale in the area or be how guests know which house is yours. The colour attraction could be the colour of your house, or it could be a bright garden. The important thing is to make it look unique, creative and most importantly, manageable. If you can it is smart to make your garden seem low maintenance. This could be done by adding potted plants that can be easily moved and an up to date reticulation system that makes watering carefree. If you can have an attractive front yard you will have people wanting to see your backyard. And now for some design tips, all of which could be implemented in your front yard.

Mixed Materials
An outdoor setting can often be as simple as a table and chairs designed to match your backyard. That can also come across as very bland and unimaginative. Adding multiple materials to your outdoor setting such as wood, metal and glass in a range of different styles and colours will make your outdoor area stand out. Also adding something like rope could improve the colour spectrum and add more fun and imagination. Another potential idea is to make something yourself. Having furniture made with your own two hands adds to the personality of your entertainment area and provides a story for your guests, and if the material is different it will stand out.

Lighting is a very broad topic, but there is a broad amount of lighting you can put outdoors to suit different occasions. For a party with some class you might want strip lights and wall lights around your yard. If you intend to add something more romantic or fun you can string vintage lights across the yard, potentially implementing rope instead of plastic covered wires. Other options could be lanterns and decorative tree lights. It might seem like overkill to have all of these, but take into account that they don’t all have to be on. Giving yourself the option will set the mood for many different circumstances and increase appreciation by all who see it.

Having outdoor furniture is a must when entertaining. The options vary, but the reality of outdoor furniture is it’s built to withstand the elements. Material choices aren’t always great, but style is. Modular lounges are very similar in appearance to indoor furniture. But take the mixed materials aspect into consideration. You can have bulky wood furniture, steel furniture and if applicable you can hang chairs from trees like a comfy swing for adults. Being creative isn’t just fun but also visually appealing.

Potted Plants
Potted plants aren’t just an indoor thing. They can be applicable to an outdoor setting and also help set any kind of colour scheme you might be going for. They are also movable and even the slightest changes can make your entertainment area look refreshed. Just be sure to take their care into consideration. If you travel a lot then you might want something that requires little water and no maintenance.

Any area that can have multiple people in it can be changed to be more welcoming to your guests. The thing you need to take into consideration is how you want the area to be seen. The way your house and outdoor setting is decorated is a reflection of yourself and if you want to appear carefree and laid back, that doesn’t mean putting in no effort. Maybe try string lights and hanging furniture to seem more fun. If you want to come across as a little more conservative then use wall and strip lights with a white or dark steel outdoor furniture set. The possibilities are endless, but it will always come down to your own personal taste.