#Trending in 2019: The Latest Interior Design Styles For Your Property

New year new me! Or, new year new style! I’m not sure yet; what I am sure about is that new year’s bring new trends, and I’m here to tell you about a handful of them. I’ll be breaking down some trends for this year, some styles that have lasted the ages and the styles that are specific to different homes. But most importantly, these trends can be purely cosmetic, and although they some might seem expensive they could potentially increase the value of your home.



Coming back is an oldie but a goodie: rooms. For years people have been pushing the trend of an open plan home. The open floor plan might look good, but it cuts out the privacy you get of individual rooms. If you’re planning renovations though, it might be better to test it out first as renovations are expensive and too permanent. For something more stylish in an open area you can’t look past privacy screens or dividers. They keep a decent air flow in your home and give the illusion of creating new rooms. Another great plus is you can take them down, rearrange and reinvent your home whenever you want. You can also get brilliant patterns and styles that range from different eras to different societies.


Clashing Colours

Dare to be different. Complimentary colours have a way of blending furniture and painted walls and floors and every other thing, but if you want to step outside of the norm then you might want to find something that clashes. Find something extraordinary like an outstanding couch pattern that might clash with a plain wall and make your room stand out. Don’t think this means to clash to the point of hideousness. Clashing doesn’t always mean ugly; in this case I’m focusing more on pattern than colour. Think along the lines of stripes on one thing and circles on another bringing out the individual patterns to be admired separately and in contrast to each other.


For years we have seen new homes being built and they have resembled every other new house. If you have a house that you feel is just the same as the others, don’t be afraid to bring a vintage feel to your home to separate yourself from the pack. There has been a spike in popularity over the years in vintage style homewares, especially in lighting and wallpaper patterns. This can apply to the dividers I mentioned earlier, the clashing patterns for wallpaper and furniture. This can also be applied to outdoor furniture to make your house different from the outside too.


Exposed Wood

There has been a trend of covering things up and making everything seem perfect and in a sense it helped fulfil the trend of minimalism. Nothing is perfect in the sense of the word, but true perfection is in the imperfections; the acceptance that things aren’t always straight or flat. People have accepted this and found the beauty in raw materials, more notably, exposed wood. This applies mostly to ceiling beams which provide a more earthy tone for your home and the illusion of division in a room. The application of wood can also provide a cosier feel when applied to floors, ceilings and retaining beams. This one is likely the one that requires the most effort as far as sourcing the wood and installing it goes. You can pull off the effect that the wood is meant to be there without having it as more than a cosmetic installation.

These are some of the trends that are sure to make your house more desirable when implemented effectively. These trends won’t affect every home though, some might depend on the size of your home, the outside of the home, or even the style of your neighbours houses. More importantly, you have to like them. Trends mean nothing in your home if you can’t enjoy the house you live in, and over time, trends will change so making basic cosmetic changes will make later changes easier. The final thing to consider is that there is a chance the changes could make your house more desirable to some and increase selling price when or if the time ever comes.