Senior Property Manager

Tori Downing

Property Management Team


Tori has adeptly absorbed the ins and outs of every aspect of the sector, acquiring an enviable real estate skillset...

An invaluable asset to our dynamic team, Tori is the epitome of a people-focused sales professional. With a relentless dedication to fostering strong client relationships, she plays a pivotal role in propelling Salt Property towards unparalleled success.

Tori's career journey has been marked by a profound commitment to Perth's property landscape. Her extensive experience includes pivotal roles within prominent not-for-profit organizations and a mastery of the real estate realm through boutique agencies and esteemed franchises.

Since 2014, Tori has meticulously honed her expertise, immersing herself in every facet of the industry. This journey has endowed her with an exceptional skill set, allowing her to empower the Salt team to deliver an extraordinary customer experience while adeptly navigating the dynamic shifts within the fast-paced real estate arena.

Equally adept at orchestrating captivating home opens, masterful contract negotiations, and seamless office administration, Tori's prowess extends to property and strata management. Her adeptness in harnessing cutting-edge technologies for amplified marketing impact sets her apart as a shrewd marketing maven.

Tori's impressive track record boasts facilitation of over $20 million in property transactions. Her mission is to elevate the real estate journey, easing the stress that often accompanies it and delving deep into her clients' aspirations and requirements.

Having witnessed the transformational power of collaborative synergy, Tori draws inspiration from the relentless commitment of her peers. The collective triumphs achieved by her dynamic team fuel her drive to excel further.

Hailing from the vibrant suburbs of southern Perth, Tori holds certifications that underscore her prowess - a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and a Certificate III in Business (Administration).

Beyond her passion for catalyzing the success of others, Tori is a culinary enthusiast with a flair for innovation. When she's not orchestrating seamless property experiences, you can find her delighting in wine nights, cherishing quality moments with friends, and exploring the world through travel.

Elevate your real estate journey with Tori - a consummate professional who's not just about transactions, but the profound connections that make properties homes and clients part of a thriving community.

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