902A Canning Hwy, APPLECROSS

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902A Canning Hwy, APPLECROSS, WA 6153

For Lease Only $400 M2 + VO's + GST
Print 249 m2 2 Car spaces

Amazing Exposure / New Apartment Precinct!

Cement your spot in the heart of the busy Canning Bridge precinct!!

With hundreds of apartments either recently completed or under construction the future for this vibrant village style precinct is bright and this is a prime opportunity to take advantage of the exposure that 40,000 daily passing vehicles can provide you!

This prime retail site has a net lettable area of 185 m2 and offers it’s own bathroom facility, rear roller door / loading zone which can also accommodate staff car parking.

Suitable for a number of businesses that can use the high level exposure and hundreds of apartment dwellers to their advantage.

For further information and inspections contact Dave Rowe on 0402 733 140

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Agent Dave Rowe