434 - 436 Albany Highway, VICTORIA PARK

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434 – 436 Albany Highway, VICTORIA PARK, WA 6100

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From 68, 94 or 164 sqm of Amazing Albany Highway Retail/Medical/Office Space Available... The choice is yours

63 sqm Leased – Two more left…with Car Bays Still available. What a deal

Located right on the thoroughfare of Albany highway and situated right in the hub of the Vic Park District Precinct and great opportunity to take your business to the next level.
Located right in the heart of Vic Parks Commercial district there is not better opportunity to cash in on the awesome advertising potential with up to 227 sqm available made up of lots A , B & C. (see below )
With the property being right at the start of the well know Vic Park Cafe Strip and just over 2.5 kms to get to the start of the Perth City Centre , operating from this wonderful premises can only make your business grow from strength to strength.
Take the whole property or just what you need, so check out the sizes of each below,

• 164 sqm of prime commercial space is available to the right tenant and is made up of the following,

• 432, Tennancy A – 96 sqm including kitchenette and toilet
• 434, Tennancy B – 68 sqm including toilet

• Floor Plan Available upon request

The property is available to be taken as a whole or in individual tenancies – first in best dressed…

Call Dave Rowe on 0407 733 140 for more information and to secure your viewing appointment.