13/164 Riseley Street, BOORAGOON

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13/164 Riseley Street, BOORAGOON, WA 6154

For Sale From $890,000
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Office/Consulting or Medical Practice

Get in on the ground floor of this new development which is now under construction.
Smart buying for the professional business operator or investor. This 173sqm street level office suite will be the first of it’s kind to built on the Riseley Street Booragoon Commercial strip.

In the next 25 years the City of Melville will mature and transform from a suburban area into an inner city urban area. Housing densities will increase, family and household sizes will get smaller. Rising standards of living will translate into a demand for a more diverse range of centres and locations providing social, cultural, leisure and entertainment attractions available at all hours.

The vision is that in time, and in stages, Melville will achieve its long standing objective for the City Centre to grow and evolve into a centre with a multitude of land uses and activities, to become the social, cultural and entertainment focus of the municipality.

Garden City Shopping Centre will be turned from an inward looking box’ shopping centre to be an outward facing City Centre, focused on a new internal main street’, with shop fronts, mainly for restaurants and entertainment on both sides. These apartments will ultimate benefit from all this pending activity. With all the redevelopment over the road soon to start you need to register your interest now!

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