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1 Helm Street, MOUNT PLEASANT, WA 6153

For Sale Set Date Sale - 30th November 2021
Print 1571 m2 12 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms 8 Carports Book an Inspection

Four for the price of one!

Refresh, renovate & revalise these four brick & tile villas held on one strata scheme with a spectacular 31.9m frontage, just metres from the rivers edge. On offer are four, three bedroom single level villas to be sold as one, sitting on 1,571sqm of prime land zoned M10 under the Canning Bridge Structure Plan.

Landbank and rent each dwelling or renovate and resell each villa as the property market grows or demolish and redevelop this premium site. Each dwelling would be easily leased & provide a holding income whilst preparing for the right time to redevelop the site. The super site is ideally suited to a boutique upmarket development superbly located within easy access to Mount Pleasant Shopping centers, 300m from the river, restaurants, nightlife, land, road and rail!

1 Helm Street is adjacent to 8 Sleat Road, a 1,993sqm site with 10 townhouses, also being offered for sale by Salt Property Group. Amalgamating the two sites would create a landholding worthy of an iconic building to rival any tower in Canning Bridge – more information available upon request. Salt Property Group are proud to present these properties for sale and look forward to showcasing the exciting potential of this opportunity. An analysis on the holding income/cost of this site has been prepared and available upon request.

Make contact with our selling agents for a copy of the information memorandum to assist with your due diligence. This property is offered by set date sale, being the 30th November 2021. Please contact the exclusive selling agents at Salt Property Group for more information on the property & to arrange a site visit.


  • Property Type: Other

Agent Glen O’Brien

Salt Property Glen OBrien Principal