1/901 Canning Highway, APPLECROSS

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1/901 Canning Highway, APPLECROSS, WA 6153

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The Area is buzzing with all that is happening in the area… What a great time to get into the APPLECROSS PRECINCT.

With up to 504 new apartments built or about to be commissioned in the next few months there is going to be a greater vibe that already exists in the area and with good Vibes comes the customer, and now is the time to act to get yourself in and ready for the action.

The reason the community is leaning towards apartments in the area is that they want everything within walking distance and this fully renovated 120 Win Bar/ Restaurant is right in the heart of the VIBE of the Applecross Centre atmosphere and is ready to go.

Plenty of car parking is available now and more is about to be available.
This rare opportunity to lease a fully equipped small bar / cafe and now 120 seat restaurant that comes complete with liquor license right in the heart of the Canning Bridge Activity Centre which is now surrounded by hundreds of apartments and more being built right now.

Not only do you have the passing vehicle exposure but this site is soon to be surrounded by high rise apartments like The Precinct – Mount Pleasant, The Cirque Apartments, Sabina Applecross and many more to come in the very near future, there is a massive increase in the customer base soon to be living within 200 metres.

The Development does not stop there! The future of the Canning bridge area “The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan” will undergo a massive advancement with a vibrant residential scene and new ferry terminal planned for the area.