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We work alongside our developers from feasibility through to settlement. Contact us for a consultation on your next project.

“The future has many names. For the weak, it’s unattainable. For the fearful, it’s unknown. For the bold, it’s ideal.” – Victor Hugo



Why Choose Salt Property Group?

Having a diverse and dedicated team of property professionals has established the foundation for developing our unique project marketing strategy.


Feasibility & Analysis

We are involved through the whole process! Often we start a project by helping our client acquire a suitable site for development. We assist with the acquisition, feasibility, product mix, marketing, strata management, sales administration, stakeholder management right through to settlement.



The project marketing team at Salt Property Group have experience and qualifications in not only property services but also planning and developing. This diversity of skills and experience has resulted in Salt Property being the choice of project marketers for mums and dads through to seasoned developers.


Apartment Buyers Gallery

As a client of Salt Property Group, your project will be displayed within the Apartment Buyers Gallery located on Canning Hwy in Applecross. The Gallery is purpose built to showcase developments to potential buyers where they can experience apartment style living and obtain all the information they need to make a comfortable off-the-plan purchase.


Innovative Marketing

A theme for the marketing campaign of the development will be created to align with the building’s design, form and surrounding environment. This theme will direct creativity and appeal behind the project’s launch, signage, marketing material.


Digital Marketing

Almost all buyers use digital means to search and assess property. Salt Property Group’s focus to digital marketing facilitates highly targeted audience advertising as well as the ability to inform buyers through visually appealing and creative techniques. Our team have experience with the creation of modern websites, beautiful videos, and the compilation of social media campaigns. The use of these tools allow our clients to track their expenditure to ensure they a generating the most leads and conversions possible for effective use of resources.


Did you know?

“One in five new Perth homes will be apartments by 2020 as demand for high-density living soars (MBA & Y Reseach, Aug 2015).” That is why selecting an experienced sales team that can create a tailored and targeted marketing campaign is paramount to a developments success.


 --Planning & Development