Preparing your home for sale

So it’s time to move house and preparation is key to achieving not only a fantastic result but also mitigating any risks that could arise during the sales process.

Ensure that you give yourself the best possible opportunity for a timely sale at a great price by completing the following checklist.

  1. First things first. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and walk through your home. As you go through make notes of all the things you love and all the things you’d want to change if you were buying the property.
  2. Maintenance is important and usually what should be attended to first. If the garden is overgrown, the gutters are full or there’s water damage on one of the walls then make sure it’s attended to.
  3. Large surface areas have a profound impact on the presentation of a property! New floor coverings and freshly painted walls are relatively inexpensive exercises and will go a long way in adding value and transforming your property. Hint – choose neutral colours that make it easy for your buyer to imagine their furniture matching your colour scheme.
  4. Get creative! Inspire living by creating spaces that are warm, relaxing and promote good times with family and friends!
  5. Remove personal items such as heirlooms, jewellery and family pictures. Make sure your valued belongings are kept safe.
  6. Do a spring clean. If you’re busy then consider hiring professionals to come in and help. Remember to dust the fans, wash the windows and polish your appliances.
  7. Out of five senses, scent is the fasting acting state changer! Make sure your home smells beautiful when buyers are coming through. Baking deserts or lighting candles goes a long way to influencing positive emotions.
  8. Each room should have a purpose. A study that’s combined with a guest room that is also a storage room is confusing to potential buyers. It’s better to pick one use and clearly stage that room accordingly.
  9. Storage is attractive to buyers! It is something that everyone looks for. You’re much better off buying storage containers than stuffing the linen cupboards. You’re moving out any way so you may as well pack the things you don’t need.
  10. Decorate with plants and flowers. A decorative fern or colourful flowers can provide contrast, draw focus or attention and create energy in dull spaces.
  11. First impressions count! You want to create a welcoming entrance and you’ll have more people through your home if the property has great street appeal.