Keeping Cool this Summer

A Perth summer is relentless and the last week certainly has tested some of the heat records. As we approach the end of the season the heat gives no sign of easing up so this article is about some great ideas on how to keep cool. First we will be going through fans, air conditioning and what suits what house. Second we will be looking at outdoor cooling such as swimming pools.

Air conditioning is a must-have item in new homes of all sizes. There are four main kinds mentioned in this article. First is ducted air conditioning. This is what it sounds like, every room you want cooled will have an air duct put into the roof and its will be controlled by a main panel in the house. This is most efficient because it can cool the whole house and is best suited to bigger homes. With the advancements in technology you can also control these air conditioners from your phone to ensure your house is cool before you get home from work. You can now also get systems that can be individually tuned to different rooms or only be on in one room if the user desires.

For individual rooms or smaller home air conditioning it is wiser to get spit system air conditioning. These systems efficiently cool individual rooms and can, if close enough, cool other rooms. The other option is a window unit which is a cheaper option, and will effectively cool an individual room, but is unlikely to cool beyond that.

The final option is a budget option…the portable air conditioner. It will do a decent job of cooling a small closed environment, but does require a window to attach its ventilation pipe to.

Fans are a cheaper option to air conditioning. If you are easily cooled down then you can get quite inexpensive pedestal fans; unfortunately they will be plastic and won’t generate as good a breeze as a high velocity fan. The blades of a high velocity fan are metal, and on the lowest setting the fan is already stronger than a plastic pedestal fan, but the price can be double to triple that of a plastic standard one. These fans are good for air circulation and cooling in smaller rooms and are a great way to save money when it isn’t hot enough for air conditioning. For a bedroom the best option is a ceiling fan as it will blow air directly down on you instead of coming from the sides.

Outdoor cooling is always something to consider. Trees are always a beautiful option to create shade, but in an outdoor setting, such as an outdoor bar, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of canopy. Ceiling fans and mist spraying fans are a good option for hot summer days outside. But nothing beats a pool. If you have the money and the space a pool is always an attractive feature. Despite the downside of maintenance, it is a great option of add value to your home.

When choosing how to keep cool inside and out, take the size of your house and your budget into consideration. But remember that putting money into your home wont just help you short term, but will increase value in the future.