How to get your bond back

How to get your bond back

There is often a lot of stress that comes with vacating a property such as packing, moving furniture, disconnecting utilities etc. This post will give you some information on how to get your bond back without the added stress.


What is bond?

When you are accepted for a new rental property you are required to pay a security bond. A security bond is a safety net for owners in case any neglect or damage is caused to the property during the tenancy and not rectified prior to vacating. The security bond is held at the bond administrator (consumer protection) until the tenancy ends assuming the property in in the same condition as when you moved in minus any wear and tear.

In WA the standard bond payment is four weeks rent (unless the rent is more than $1200 per week, in this case the owner can ask for an increased bond).


How to get your bond back

Prior to vacating we recommend you go through the property condition report, which you received at the start of the tenancy to ensure the property is in the same condition as when you took possession (taking into account fair wear and tear). This is the report the property manager will reference on your final inspection once you have returned keys. Failure to return the property to the condition as described in your in going report may result in a claim against your bond.

At the time of vacating your rental property you are required to return the keys provided to you the commencement of the tenancy to the office and fill out a vacating form which you provide the property manager your new postal address, any updated contact details and a copy of your carpet/ cleaning receipt (if any).

The property manager must conduct a final inspection within 14 days of receiving the keys and prepare a final property condition report which is provided to the out going tenants.



We now know what a bond is used for and the report used check upon vacating a property to assist in receiving your bond back in full. Also know that your property manager is here to assist you along the way and give you advice should any arise.