SALT stands for Sales and Leasing Team, and every person in our team reflects our core values.

  • Clients first Our clients’ interests always come first and foremost. Our personalised support is tailored to each client’s objectives, from services to expert advice.
  • No hard sell Salt Property doesn’t do the hard sell: we will always allow enough time for people to make their own well-informed and strategically sound decisions.
  • Continuous improvement There’s always room to evolve. We are constantly investing in new knowledge, technology, training, and professional development at Salt Property.
  • Showing up We know people’s time is important and we treat it as such. When we make a time commitment, we deliver on time or arrive on time – every single time.
  • Communication Clear, proactive communication is the key to meaningful relationships. We understand how important it is to our clients that they hear from us regularly.
  • Accountability We are human, but also accountable. If we do make a mistake, we never let someone else pay for it; we take ownership and resolve the issue.
  • Professionalism We not only dress with care when we represent our company and our clients, we also provide our team with the right training and knowledge to deliver precise, accurate information.
  • Integrity Our moral compass is always pointing in the right direction, aligning with the REBA Code of Conduct, legal compliance and ethical practices.
  • Diligence We work hard to achieve success. We work when we need to work as we believe that this is the difference that creates excellent results.
  • Teamwork We’re one team and we work hard, respect, encourage and care for one another. We help out when one of us is in need, and support one another.
  • Authenticity We are genuinely proud of our business, our history and how we operate. We know that the advice and services that we provide will help people to realise the best outcome for our clients.