1/901 Canning Highway, APPLECROSS

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1/901 Canning Highway, APPLECROSS, WA 6153

For Sale $10,000 per month Gross.

Fully Functioning and Equipped Wine Bar for Lease.

Amazing opportunity to lease an existing business, with an established client base, on Canning Highway just a ten minute walk from the Canning Bridge train station.

This cozy wine bar has been operating for two years and is fully equipped with everything you need to wow your customers with food, wine, beer, spirits and cocktails. Not to mention coffee.

Developments both current and future in the area will also increase your customer base, over the next few years, by the hundreds and ALL within a one minute walk of your bar.

Also included in the bar is;
– Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning
– Ice Machine
– Storage areas for your wines and beers
– Two beer taps with chiller
– Small Bar Liquor Licence

You could literally walk in and start serving and with thousands of cars driving past your bar everyday, serving is what you will be doing.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Call us now for more information.


  • Air Conditioning