Sales Consultant

Salt Property Group is currently looking for sales consultants who will be employed to engage in the listing and sale of real estate and/or businesses.

As a sales consultant you will be required to:

  1. Perform market appraisals for sales of real property, businesses or commercial leasing;
  2. Use personal initiative, source prospective sellers or buyers of real property or businesses;
  3. Supervise the necessary listing and sales documentation for real property or businesses;
  4. Conduct market research and provide marketing advice to customers of the real estate business;
  5. Conduct negotiations between the prospective buyer and seller of real property or businesses;
  6. Conduct inspections with interested parties for real property or businesses that are for sale (including open homes);
  7. Organise advertising, sign boards, searches, etc.;
  8. Conduct auction(s) of real property; and
  9. Liaise with conveyancers or solicitors involved in the sale or commercial leasing process.

For more information and to apply for the position, please attach and forward your resume to


Salt Property Group Sales Commission Structure


Salt Property Group Sales Comm