Accommodation Manager

We are looking for an Accommodation Manager to work on a permanent part time basis.

We are currently running with a small portfolio of around 12 properties and generating income of only $30,000 per annum for the business.

The fees generated from such a small portfolio cannot support much in the way of wages so the person taking on the position will be paid a percentage of the fees generated.

In previous years we have had up to 28 properties in this portfolio with annual fees of around $90,000.

Our goal is to grow this portfolio to 60 before the end of this year.

The proposal is for the new Accommodation Manager to be paid 30% of the fees generated which will be paid on invoice at the end of each month.

This means the Accommodation Manager will be required to have an ABN.

Salt Property Group will provide a reasonable level of office support including help with financial, online and digital marketing, web maintenance and general backup from our large property management team.


The Manager will be provided with a phone and a computer and they will need to provide their own vehicle.

The hours are sporadic. Some days there will be nothing at all to do and others maybe busy but in all, the estimated time it takes to run with say 20 properties is around 10 hours per week.


Our intention is to grow this business and so the new Accommodation Manager will need to be able to devote more time to this business in the future.


Below is a brief outline of the various tasks that are involved in fulfilling the role:

  • Oversee the daily operation of the portfolio of properties including securing and managing bookings, property maintenance, replenishing consumables, inspections, property viewings, arranging cleaners and laundry services and liaising with owners and guests
  • New business appraisals and marketing our accommodation services to potential new Landlords
  • Account management including invoicing guest and reconciling end of month accounts and payments to owners
  • Weekend and after hours availability as required